"This is not just one more "christianized" self help book on self-esteem. Beginning with God's design in our creation as divine imagebearers, it diagnoses the full gamut of spiritual and emotional factors which deface that image and produce a sense of worthlessness and low self-esteem. Best of all it contains the divine prescription - practical suggestions for restoring it so we can stand tall as God's redeemed children. It is the integration of Scripture and psychology at its best."
David Seamands, Pastor, Counselor and Author

"A landmark book on self-esteem and the Christian life. Important reading for anyone wanting to improve his/her sense of self-worth from a Christian perspective. Easy reading, though provoking, practical and encouraging. Reading it would be a significant step toward building a healthier and happier marriage and family."
H Norman Wright, Christian Marriage Enrichment

"Rarely does a book come along that has within it the power to transform lives... This book doesn't talk about fixing up the external you - instead the focus is upon allowing the Holy Spirit to take the information and apply it to your heart, changing you from the inside out. I believe that there is a special anointing on this book that enables the reader to leave the past behind and embrace the full liberty of becoming more like Christ. We began using Dr. Day's book as a textbook for our Discipleship classes in 1996, I have been privileged to watch year after year as lives have been transformed by its teaching."
Cheryl L. Harper, Dean of Students, Capital Bible College, Sacramento, California

"I'm so glad for Larry's book. He makes the connection between bilbical fidelity and personal reality. His discussions of the image of God are right on target. He has gained enourmous wisdom as he has applied the image concepts in many lives over his years of counseling. Now the fruit is available for all of us. This book is God's gift to all of us who want to see healing in hurting people." Gary Breshears, Ph. D, Professor of Theology, Western Seminary, Portland, OR

"A truely biblical approach to understanding your worth. Dr. Day teaches us how to quit looking at ourselves with clouded vision and begin to see ourselves the way God himself sees us. The results can change your life." Lew Davies, Former host on KPDQ Radio in Portland, Oregon

"You have written a very needed book! These concepts are life changing to me. Magnificent truth! I'm thankful to be able to recommend this book at my seminars. It is overdue!" Joanne Wallace, Speaker and Author of Starting Over Again

I know of no one better equipped or skilled to write and speak on self-esteem than my friend, and fellow conference speaker, Dr. larry Day. Dr. Dale E. Galloway, Former Senior Pastor, New Hope Community Church, Portland, Oregon

"I am so thrilled with the information in the book that I want others to benefit also. It is life-changing information... Self Esteem: by God's Design should be in every Christian book store. It would eleminate having to buy a lot of self-help books because it says it all." Chris M., Washington

"I've described your book as the most practical manual for mental health and spiritual growth I've read... This book is a must for every Christian library." Gayla W., Montana

"This book has been an encouragement to me personally, and I trust, also will be to my ministry... I hope to put into my preaching some of these concepts to help my people grow in their Godly image." Pastor Denis, Oregon

"Your book is inspirational, wonderful... your insights are helpful and uplifting... Since I read your book I have been noticing things all around that remind me how valuable I am to God." Alyssa, Oregon

"This is one outstanding book, one that I shall treasure as long as I live." Shari, Oregon

"Excellent book...after reading it several times, I was able to use it as a tool to develop a series of messages for my congregation on the topics of Dignity. The feedback has been positive." Pastor Rich, Oregon

"I have just finished my second reading of your book, and the underlining, arrows, scribbled notes and general dog-eared quality of the pages attest to its worth." Wendy, Oregon

"For ten years, now, Larry's book has challenged, encouraged, and directed me towards a better understanding of myself and how God's Word may be applied to my heart, my thinking, and my free will to - choose life." Little Brother, Bron, S.A.D. (Self-Appointed Dean), Brother's Keeper Philosophical Society, Sawtooth County, Idaho